Monday, 22 June 2015

SCOTT Speakers

These are my SCOTT 176B speakers made in Woburn Massechusetts USA.
Bought off a friend in the 70's along with a Scott amplifier, tape deck and tuner. Only the speakers have stayed the course and the reason for that is that they are darned good. I have since partnered them with a Dual amplifier, which lasted me for about twenty years and I have them now set up with an Arcam A65 plus amp and they still sound great. But it was only when I decided to upgrade from an old but good belt drive Dual 505 turntable To a Thorens TD150 mk 11 that these speakers really began to sing.
 You don't see these speakers around very much, occasionally on Ebay and I believe the Scott company has long gone, which is a pity because these babies are good.
My next project is to change the Arcam for a Quad 33 Pre-amp and 303 Power Supply and then I shall find out if the Speakers are still up to the pace. More to follow on this later.... See here.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Thorens TD150 11.

Just bought a Thorens TD150 11. on Ebay. It arrived in a poor state looking like it had spent its life in a pub or iron foundry. So with a lot of cleaning and re-adjustment of various things it is now working and sounding as it should.
I will change the current cartridge which is an A&M for an Audio Technica. The phono lead and plugs will go for higher quality ones.

I also was thinking of changing  the Tandberg plinth, which is of a rather poor quality for a nice solid walnut one. For the time being I have placed a foam sheet under the plinth and that has made quite a decent difference.

Starting the refurb and replacing the plinth.

1. Firstly the aluminium top cover must be removed. It is secured by double-sided tape, but in my case it was some sort of glue. This has to be heat softened to gently release the top aluminium sheet, I used a hairdryer.

2. Then with the plinth removed, I placed it on an upturned table so that later I will be able to get at the three suspension springs and adjust them to a satisfactory standard.

3. Once the top sheet is removed you can undo the 5 screws that hold the turntable to the wooden plinth.

 4.  Cleaning off the glue left on the top panel using white spirit.

Using an upturned coffee table, I was able to adjust the deck suspension springs, from below, because I was previously getting a scraping noise whenever I tried to use the 45rpm speed, due the speed changer catching the underside of the platter. Fixed.